Features & Benefits Issue II

Features & Benefits Issue I
May 15, 2019
Features & Benefits Issue III
July 6, 2019
Features & Benefits Issue I
May 15, 2019
Features & Benefits Issue III
July 6, 2019

Features & Benefits Issue II

Thank you to our Heroes and Sheroes!


This is the second of a three-part series of articles that further describes the services that BLUMINE HEALTH offers its members.

NEWS RELEASE: BluMine Health and Baptist Health through their strategic alliance are the first to help Kentucky and Southern Indiana get back to work safely by providing a web-based solution to the states' requirements to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms before they report to work. https://bluminehealth.com/

In addition to providing easy access to healthcare, the BLUMINE Health model of care can provide significant savings to your health plan.

BLUMINE Health Care Center Advantages

  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Increased Presenteeism
  • Reduction in RX (prescription) cost
  • Transparent Cost Reductions
  • Occupational Care Support
  • Concierge Care for Employees
  • White Glove (specialists) Referrals
  • Access to Quality Primary Care
  • Major Medical Plan Savings

Other Onsite Services Available

Care Center Pre-Employment/ Employee Services

  • Pre-employment physicals (customized to client needs)
  • DOT physicals
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing testing
  • Drug Screen (urinalysis & hair follicle)
  • FIT testing and PFT
  • Hep B shots
  • Tdap shots

Specialty Occupations

  • Fit for duty physical
  • HAZMAT physicals

Occupational Work Injury Services

  • Strains, sprains, pulled muscles
  • Minor cuts and lacerations
  • Eye debris
  • Minor burns
  • Slip & fall
  • Mobile x-ray services available
  • Post-accident Drug and Alcohol screenings

Occupational Work Injury Follow Up

  • Post injury follow up
  • Clearly detailed visit summary provided to company representative with all necessary restrictions, limitations or release

Concierge Referral to Specialist

In 2019, BluMine Health and Baptist Healthcare System formed an alliance whereby BluMine would refer patients needing specialty care to Baptist. In turn, Baptist would provide a “white glove” referral approach providing easy and quicker needed specialty care to the patient. Virtual Health BluMine provides online telehealth, patient recordkeeping and data tracking via its EMR application. State of the art technology and medical metrics go hand in hand with BluMine’s healthcare delivery system.

Series "to be continued" next issue (next week)!

BLUMINE HEALTH. "We see healthcare differently!" We have a focused vision:
"Find a better way to impact, communicate and deliver improved health outcomes with concierge primary care and wellness."
Let BLUMINE HEALTH create a care plan that addresses the challenges you face.... all at a reduced cost to you. With multiple avenues of customized design strategies, state of the art medical analytics, telehealth, and wellness plan integration, BLUMINE HEALTH can impact the bottom lines of our corporate members, their employees and their families.