Full-Time medical professionals, from nurse practitioners to lab technicians, for your healthcare means access. Most blood draws are done onsite and at no additional cost, including biometric screenings, diabetes screenings, cholesterol testing, pre-employment drug testings, as well as random drug screenings for employees. Allergy testing is done by referral and not onsite.
When you need specialists or referrals, our system accesses the healthcare providers close to you and highly-rated. The wait cycle to referrals is greatly reduced under the BluMine healthcare model. Our medical team is led by our BluMine Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eric Yazel. In our Brandenburg, KY location, Dr. Lydia Samples is onsite on Tuesday and Thursday. Based on your employer’s selection, in many cases, you do have 24/7 options for care and treatment.
For employees facing possible broken bones at the worksite, we offer triage and can use our mobile x-ray systems.
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