Employee Advantages

You will see cost reductions for your entire family. You will receive occupational care support as well as access in vicinity and on-site to quality primary care. There will be major medical plan savings. Your RX costs will drop this year from the switch, in most cases. This focus on workforce well-being even addresses important lifestyle issues through coaching and specialty care, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol treatment, fitness for every age of your life, and nutrition counseling.
Traditional medical forms are minimized with the elimination of health plan items such as copays and deductibles. Detailed monthly reporting identifies conditions that can be managed by eliminating gaps in care, leading to improvements in overall employee and family member health.

BluMine Care Clinics Offer…

Exclusive Access for Patients of our Partnered Employers!

Our customers pay us a flat monthly management fee based on a per employee per month formula. This is called a Direct Primary Care model that allows local healthcare systems, major medical health providers, and your family the best working relationship possible.

Primary Care & Wellness…Our BluMine Core Mission!

We provide:

Care Delivery…The Way You Like It!

Lifestyle Coaching Leading to Wellness done onsite at your pace….We will design care plans for weight-loss, tobacco cessation, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, core fitness and nutrition.

We care about your well-being and will oversee your risk factors with solid healthcare counsel for all the times in your life!

We offer on-site medical treatment, as well as telehealth and phone consultation when needed during business hours. Face-to-face meetings with a virtual option, when desired.


SandyHalstead Ida Guier, HR
F.B. Purnell Sausage Co, Inc.

“The staff at BluMine Health is genuinely concerned about you as a patient. They are very friendly and informative. I have loved my personal experience with them.”