BluMine is a strategic alliance opportunity for others in healthcare, insurance or technology to deliver for employers, for patients and for partnership. Strategic decisions for healthcare savings across the board start with innovative solutions to satisfy employers and provide needed care centers for employees. Let’s take a step together.
BluMine primary care clinics offer an enhanced level of care called Direct Primary Care (DPC). BluMine's goal is to provide an affordable, accessible, and interactive healthcare delivery for employers, employees, and the entire medical system from RX solutions to chronic disease management.

BluMine Health has committed to strategic alliances to provide the highest quality of care we can offer for both employers and employees in our Care Clinic model. Forming a strategic alliance requires thoughtful discussions, in-depth planning, and innovation in looking at solutions in a new light.

Delivering Our BluMine DPC Model

In January 2019 BluMine Health and Baptist Health (Baptist) formed a strategic alliance to deliver BluMine’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) model to the Baptist markets throughout southern Indiana and Kentucky. This alliance illustrates the collaboration of a major healthcare system, a DPC model, and the employer community. Through this alliance, clients will have “white glove” referral access to specialty care and other services that are not able to be provided in BluMine’s clinic care systems.

Key Alliances for a Brighter Healthcare Future

The current delivery system is fragmented, inefficient and wasteful. It is burdened with overworked providers, a flawed reimbursement structure and a provider network that relies on specialty care. Failing to meet employer or employee expectations, employers are filling the gap with employer-sponsored medical clinics, and realizing the added benefit of boosting their bottom line.

Our alliances strengthen the entire healthcare ecosystem, interlocking capabilities for a full-circle life care cycle for each and every employer’s workers and their families.

BluMine’s goal is to improve the health outcomes of its members, facilitate better access to care, manage conditions through early detection and definably track the progress of each client company.

Other Proud Partnerships

Key Brokers in the Kentucky, IN, Ohio Communities---BluMine is committed to growing its network of affiliated brokers and welcomes partnerships to explore the possibilities.

Springbuk® - BluMine Health has partnered with Springbuk, an Indianapolis-based health technology company, to provide customized streamlined reporting, targeted engagement and real-dollar insights for employers. Springbuk’s 360-degree view of employees and dependents empowers employers to make population health decisions with ease and confidence, in real-time.

Onsite Health Solutions - a proud partner with BluMine Health. Their shared vision for a great wellness experience made the partnership a natural fit. This group delivers a comprehensive wellness plan to individuals and the employer.