We offer affordable healthcare services in a concierge model onsite or near the business worksites you run. In an industry of failing programs that over-promise and under-deliver, we’re the unique vision for employers -- the last advantage available to lowering your healthcare costs.

At BluMine, we focus on delivering direct primary care (DPC) with two key objectives – guide members to healthier outcomes and reduce the cost of employer sponsored healthcare plans. We provide healthcare as it should be – affordable, accessible, and based on a relationship between you and our medical staff unchained to insurance companies. Our services are not connected to insurance contracts, therefore the patient can focus on their primary care needs. You are treated nearby or onsite, at a care center in our network by a trusted practitioner and staff.
You can get the immediate access you desire and if you need further medical assistance from specialists or hospitals, we can guide referrals much quicker without waiting months for an appointment.
For employees, BluMine is a chance to take a step toward healthier living during the workday. No days of waiting for an appointment.
BluMine provides concierge healthcare for employees and their families. Through our experienced nurse practitioners, BluMine offers employer-sponsored Direct Primary Care (DPC) care clinics.
BluMine is a strategic alliance opportunity for others in healthcare, insurance, or technology to deliver for employers, for patients, and for partnership. Strategic decisions for healthcare savings across the board start with innovative solutions to satisfy employers and provide needed care centers for employees. Let’s take the next step together.
BluMine's goal is to provide an affordable, accessible, and interactive healthcare delivery for employers, employees, and make the process easier – from the medical delivery of care to RX solutions, through chronic disease management.

The Right Care, at the Right Time, in the Right Place

blumine care clinics

Onsite/Near Site Clinics

1Have a large concentration of employees in one area?

BluMine can create and staff a care center right on your company campus. Or, we can create a shared site care center for multiple companies. Either way, your employees and their families can enjoy unlimited access to their care centers for physicals, bloodwork, chronic condition management, acute care and more; all as part of the exclusive BluMine experience.

blumine lowers costs

Lowered Costs

1Companies who work with BluMine experience a single flat fee for their care center’s operation.

Employees and their families have unlimited access to BluMine care centers, with no additional cost. Eliminating their co-pays and deductibles, means they are more likely to engage in preventative care. That keeps costs down for everyone.

data reporting

Improved Data

1BluMine tracks visits, services provided, and medical outcomes without violating family or employee privacy.

You can pull state of the art dashboard reports that illustrate results in a compliant manner; tracking healthcare performance outcomes, trends, and where improvements can be made. Communicate wellness campaigns, health fairs, and benefits events with focus groups you create. Achieving reliable results you can count on.