BluMine Rx Solutions

There are three ways to save as an employer:

Generic Drugs

We connect you with a wholesale generic pharmacy that can often provide drugs cheaper for your employees. BluMine notifies patients of potential savings and connects them to pharmacy. The pharmacy notifies BluMine of prescriptions that are fulfilled through program.

Brand Name Drugs

We find Patient Assistance Programs from manufacturers that provide key medications for your most at-risk patients from your employee population FREE!

Here’s how it works:

  • BluMine identifies brand name drugs that have member assistance programs.
  • BluMine reaches out to patients on these drugs to see if they qualify.
  • Patient signs release forms to initiate process.
  • Our nurse advocate fills out application, including obtaining signatures from providers.
  • We shepherd the process from provider thru the pharmaceutical companies to gain acceptance in the program.

High-Cost Brand & Specialty Drugs

BluMine partners with wholesale pharmacies for specific high-cost medications and provides it to your employees at a lower cost. Our BluMine concierge, white-glove treatment will get employees enrolled and the drugs delivered. This is a significant benefit to your employees, improving retention and reducing turnover.

Employer Success Example: In 2021, Clark County Government and BluMine Health launched a new and improved Rx program. Through BluMine efforts last year, Clark County and its employees reduced their prescription drug expense by almost 10%. This year, with the new and improved program, BluMine plans to save employers and employees even more!

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