Reduce Anxiety

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April 1, 2019
April 21, 2019

Reduce Anxiety


We are probably in the most stressful period many of us can ever remember. There is great uncertainty on all fronts — economic, financial, political and of course health care with the current pandemic. There is positive movement in the marketplace and that's a good sign for all of us. Hopefully we will reach our "new normal" soon.

In the meantime, consistent leadership is always key to reducing some of the uncertainty, which is key to lessening anxiety and stress caused by this current pandemic.

Many people are looking to their employers for help in easing their anxiety. A calmer mind enables us to make better decisions and therefore lowers anxiety. It can also help to reduce the stress that ultimately wears on the body.

It is critical that companies of all sizes have leaders who think clearly and are able to convey certainty as we approach our "new normal." It is important to have the right person in charge and the right team in place. We are fortunate to have these strengths at BluMine Health!

Being a leader means taking responsibility and, more importantly, accepting accountability. Clients and employees know that circumstances are more difficult at this time but they want to feel certain that you are still able to serve their needs to the best of your ability. They want predictability, which is why our brains need to stay calm and rational. Be confident, present your plan and execute the plan but don’t over-promise. If anything, this is a good time to under-promise and over-deliver.

As we prepare to return to the workplace. some tools that good leaders should utilize are:

Communication: Keep employees informed by providing regular updates on company status. Updates should be regular, informative and short — not excessive. Like the news, too much can induce stress. The goal is to make staff feel connected to the big picture but not overwhelmed.

Listen: When employees know that they are being heard, it eliminates a great deal of uncertainty. It is especially important for senior management to create the conditions where this can happen.

Breathe: Simply taking a few breaths is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to reboot your brain. Employee health and wellness programs are also very important during these times.

Touch base: As more people are forced to work remotely, some people are not accustomed to this kind of physical isolation from co-workers and will experience increased anxiety. It is important to touch base regularly with remote employees. Make sure your staff is equipped with good communication tools and schedule regular video “facetime” meetings when possible. There are a number of sources. If your company does not have these tech resources, pick up the phone and give employees a call.

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