A Simple Option for Companies that Want to Manage Their Health!


Employee Healthcare Is One of Your Company’s Greatest Challenges

Your efforts at designing the right health plan continue to see costs increase.  Month to month the fear of large claims looms overhead. Employees lose interest in your wellness initiatives, incentive gift cards and health fairs see diminished returns. By the time you have invested in the plans you chose, it is time to start the renewal process all over again.


BluMine Can Help

Drawing a line in your healthcare budget can be as simple as drawing a line in the sand. It does not have to be complicated! Depending on how you approach and plan your healthcare spend each year, BluMine can help!

  • How do you fund your healthcare plans? Self Fund?  Fully Insured?
  • Does your company have a high deductible health plan strategy?
  • Do your employees access HRA’s or HSA’s?
  • Are your employees centrally located at a single site? Multi-City? Multi-state?
  • What kind of access do your employees and families have to primary care? Wait times?
  • How about managing your acute care and specialty costs?

Let BluMine Create a Care Plan That Addresses the Challenges You Face

Our team can help you craft the right approach wherever your employees or their families reside. Our care center approach can operate at or on your corporate campus or a near-site location down the street. If your company wishes to collaborate with additional corporate entities, we can construct, manage, and metric a shared site location or locations. In addition, all three strategies could access Blumine’s virtual care through its own telemedicine platform.